A downloadable game for Windows

This build was for AGDG Demo Day 3, July 8th 2015.

Play as The Sister, fighting off hordes of Monster Girls!

  • Arrow Keys for movement
  • Z to attack
  • X to use prayer, "Delivery Us From Evil." (Only available with full "Faith" meter)
  • Space to back jump
  • enter to select menu options

The "Continue" and "Options" main menu items haven't been implemented. Only "New Game" and "Exit" are selectable.

Has only been tested on Windows 7, however uses nothing specific to windows. Should work fine on Linux and OSX. If it doesn't please let me know.

Published Jul 09, 2015
StatusIn development
AuthorGates and Logic
TagsAnime, boobs, monster-girls, nun, tanuki, the-sister

Install instructions

As long as you have and up to date version of the Oracle Java Run Time Environment everything should be cool.


LeaveNunStanding.jar 8 MB